Plate chain conveyor

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Plate chain conveyor

Main technical parameters: Chain pitch: 25.4mm~203.2mm Plate chain conveyor width: 200mm~800mm (when the width exceeds 800mm, double plate chain structure can be used) Conveying speed: 0.4m~15m/...

Plate chain conveyor

Plate chainConveyor

The main technical parameters:

Chain pitch: 25.4mm~203.2mm

Plate chain conveyor width: 200mm~800mm

(When the width exceeds 800mm, double-plate chain structure can be used)

Conveying speed: 0.4m~15m/Min

Weight of conveyed items: 800kg/m2

Working environment temperature of metal plate chain: -20℃~+120℃

Please call or confirm the following technical parameters for customized plate chain conveyors:

1. The weight of a single piece of material to be conveyed, and the size of the material.

2. Use environment, ambient temperature.

3. Conveying speed (m/min).

4. Installation site requirements and layout form.

5. Whether speed adjustment is required.

The chain plate conveyor uses the standard chain plate as the bearing surface and is driven by the motor reducer; we can make the chain plate conveyor wide and form a differential speed through multiple rows of chain plates, using the speed of multiple rows of chain plates The difference makes the multi-line transportation become single-line transportation without kneading, so as to meet the requirements of single-line transportation for beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment. We can make the head and tail of the two chain conveyors overlapped The mixed chain makes the bottle (tank) body in a dynamic transition state, so that no material is retained on the conveying line, and the pressure and pressure-free conveying of empty bottles and solid bottles can be satisfied.

1. The conveying surface of the chain conveyor is flat and smooth, with low friction, and the material transitions between the conveyors smoothly. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and can also transport all kinds of bags;

2. The chain plates are made of raw materials such as stainless steel and engineering plastics, and there are many standard varieties, which can be selected according to the transportation materials and process requirements, which can meet the different needs of various industries;

3. The raw materials of the frame are divided into aluminum profile, general carbon steel and stainless steel.

4. It has great transport ability and can carry larger loads, such as electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other occupations;

5. The delivery speed is accurate and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous delivery;

6. Chain conveyors can generally be directly washed with water or directly immersed in water. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the hygiene requirements of food and beverage occupations;

7. The equipment layout is sensitive. Able to complete horizontal, skewed and turning transportation on one transportation line;

8. The equipment structure is simple and convenient to protect.

There are 3 types of transport chain plates, POM raw materials, stainless steel and stainless iron, and there are 2 types of turning methods: wing turning and magnetic turning.

The turning chain conveyor adopts π-shaped turning chain plates as the transportation carrier, and the chain plates run in the special turning guide rails made of polymer polyoxymethylene; or use stainless steel turning chain plates and use magnetic turning guides to make the transportation chain always run Inside the special guide rail, it has the characteristics of stable operation and convenient installation;

Chain conveyors are mainly divided into four categories: chain conveyors, hanging chain conveyors, mesh belt conveyors, and plug-in line conveyors.

The chain conveyor can meet the requirements of single-line transportation of beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment. It can also make the single-line into multiple lines and walk slowly, resulting in storage capacity, which is satisfactory for sterilization machines, bottle storage stations, and cold bottles. For many feeding requirements of the machine, we can make the head and tail of the two chain conveyors into an overlapping mixing chain, so that the bottle (tank) body is in a dynamic state, so that the bottle does not stay on the conveying line and can satisfy the empty Pressure and pressure-free transportation of bottles and solid bottles.

Chain plate raw materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, chain plates of different widths and shapes can be selected according to your product requirements to complete flat transportation, flat turning, raising, and lowering requirements.

Chain plate standard: straight chain plate width is 63.5, 82.5, 101.6, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 254, 304.8; turning chain plate width is 82.5, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 304.8.