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What is a powder packaging machine?


The powder packaging machine adopts the method of conveying and pumping gas, combined with the gas pumping in the bag to remove the gas in the material. It can complete the processes of material degassing, lifting filling metering, packing and conveying. The equipment developed and designed to meet the needs of high-precision packaging and high-precision packaging of ultra-fine powders that easily contain large amounts of gas and dust. The original three-stage filtration system perfectly solves the packaging problems of ultra-fine powders.

1. The exterior of the whole machine is made of stainless steel except the motor; the combined transparent material box can be easily removed and washed without tools.

2. Equipped with an open door silo and quick-release screw assembly, so that the part of the whole equipment in contact with the material can be quickly cleaned; simple, fast, and no dead ends;

3. Lifting bag bottom filling and metering, with screw vacuum degassing filling device, to ensure that the entire packaging metering process is dust-free and ensures packaging accuracy;

4. According to the characteristics of the customer's material, by replacing parts and modifying the packaging technical parameters, different ultra-fine powders can be quickly packaged;

5. According to customer requirements: non-standard design and manufacture of equipment structure.

6. The powder packaging machine uses a servo motor to drive the screw, which has the advantages of not easy to wear, accurate positioning, settable speed and stable performance.

7. The combination of vertical spiral feeding and mixing in the silo makes the feeding of materials stable, and the addition of a cut valve ensures the controllability of the materials during the feeding process;

8. Adopt advanced technology to ensure that the material will not be blocked due to the movement of the spiral during the waiting process;

9. Touch screen man-machine interface, convenient and intuitive operation, packaging specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily, working status can be changed at any time.

Powder packaging machine applicable materials: white carbon black, ultra-fine white carbon black, fumed white carbon black, antioxidants, disperse dyes, nano light calcium, light calcium, modified light calcium, activated heavy calcium, heavy calcium, coal Calcined kaolin, washed kaolin, modified washed kaolin, talc, pyrophyllite, bauxite, calcium stearate, coarse graphite, fine graphite, anthraquinone, carbon black, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phosphate, nano zinc oxide, hydrogen Magnesium oxide, iron red powder dyes, dyes, diatomaceous earth, nano-titanium dioxide, silica fume and other ultra-fine powders.

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