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What is a tube conveyor?


  Tube conveyorIt is the use of drag chains, chains, metal meshes, roller conveyors and other carrier materials that are carried, or installed on the slats. Depending on the installation of the chain, the supporting surface can be divided into: chain type / chain plate / chain net type / slat / bucket elevator / pallet / platform type, in addition, usually with other conveyors, lifting devices and other production lines including Various functions. In the chain conveyor and associated devices, conveying can be realized and material metering. The structure is compact and the floor space is small. It can change the three-dimensional conveying direction. The height of the filling conveyor speed is reduced, so that the wear is very low and the queue is loud enough. The material during transportation can be gas filled. Traffic to ensure that no dust leaks into the environment. The tube conveyor can send heat, boiling, cooling medium or other operating conditions. Reversing the conveying shaft can change the conveying direction from other forces by gravity at any time. At this time, except for material fall, the low conveying speed makes the total power consumption small.

The tube conveyor conveys material from the inlet to the closed state between the outlet flanges. No filter is set at the outlet. The material conveyed along the pipe is smooth and basically has no internal movement, so there is little material damage, and the slow curve conveys so little material particles broken. Dust explosions do not occur inside the tube, because they are limited to sheets in small cells and will not explode. According to another, the distance between the entrances can exceed 10 meters. Completely maintenance-free bearings, enclosed by tightening, self-lubricating. The sprocket optimizes the shoulder and the surface of the deposited tooth surface drainage, the design is optimized, and the use of a hardened chain with less wear. The size is as small as possible. By adjusting the chain tension, produced by a special conveyor device, the conveying tray keeps the vertical movement of the pipe with a smaller bending radius, and the conveying volume is kept constant. Special conveyor tray with low friction coefficient and stable transmission capacity. We are producing conveyor belts using programs that we have developed to calculate all pipeline chains, so that different components of conveying pipes and curved components or similar conveyors can maintain the necessary static friction and tension, and provide high accuracy data for low wear and low wear for low designs.


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