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Product features of U-shaped screw conveyor


The basic characteristics of the control structure of the U-shaped screw conveyor: (1) The screw blades of the conveyor have three types: the solid spiral surface type, the belt spiral surface type and the blade selection spiral surface type. The solid spiral surface is called the s manufacturing method, and the spiral pitch of the GX type is 0.8 times of the different diameters of the blades. The LS type screw conveyor can be suitable for companies to transport powder and granular materials. The belt spiral surface is also called the D manufacturing method. Its spiral pitch is the same as the outer diameter of the spiral blade, which is suitable for social transportation of powder and small materials. There are few researches on the application of blade type helicoids, mainly including materials that are used to transport systems with high viscosity and compressibility. During the transportation process, we complete our own mixing and mixing processes. The spiral pitch is about the diameter of a spiral blade. 1.2 times.

(2) The spiral blades of the conveyor have two rotation directions: left-hand and right-hand.

(3) The types of conveyors are divided into fixed screw conveyors and straight screw conveyors. The horizontal fixed screw conveyor is a special type that is more commonly used. U-shaped screw conveyor manufacturer technology is used to complete short-distance data and improve company materials. The transportation information is highly valued. The general requirement is not greater than 8m. The spiral blade is a solid surface type. It must have the ability to continuously screw feeding to ensure that students need to feed. Material pressure at all times.

(4) At the outlet end of the material market of LS and GX screw conveyors, 1/2 to 1 turn should be set to reversely affect the spiral to prevent the end from being blocked by powder.

(5) The conveyor is composed of three important parts: the screw body, the inlet and outlet and the driving production equipment.

U-shaped screw conveyor is composed of head bearing, tail bearing, suspension bearing, screw, casing, cover and base. The drive circuit equipment is composed of a motor, a reducer, a coupling and a base.

Spiral application: The conveyor has been widely used in various departments of the national government economic organizations such as my country's food and food industry, construction engineering materials, electronic industry, chemical basic industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, transportation and road transportation. The main safety method of the conveyor is used to construct and transport various powdery, granular and small block materials. The bulk materials to be transported include grain, beans, flour and other food problem products, and construction materials such as cement, clay and sand. Chemicals such as salts, alkalis, and fertilizers, as well as bulk cargoes such as coal, coke, and ore. Screw conveyors are not suitable for transporting materials that are easy to degenerate, sticky, blocky and agglomerate. In addition to the need to transport bulk materials, this conveyor can also be used to transport various finished items. The conveyor can complete teaching mixing, mixing, cooling and other operations while transporting materials in the process.


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