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Main features of automatic bowl filling machine


1. Brief description

  Automatic bowl filling machineIt is mainly developed and designed for the measurement and filling of the saggar of the positive and negative materials of the battery at the front end of the sintering. The two-speed filling, measurement, online movement and other operations are completed according to the signal given by the component sensor installed under the container. It has the advantages of high precision, low dust, flat material in the sagger, etc. It mainly consists of a metering head, weighing components, conveying components, three-axis linear modules, dust removal mechanisms, and electronic control parts.

2. Main features of automatic bowl filling machine

(1) Transport components

The transportation is carried by power rollers to deal with the problems of traditional chain plates and double-speed chains with high noise and easy wear;

The drum is made of 304 stainless steel with a diameter of Φ50 and a wall thickness of 2mm. The outer surface of the drum is covered with polyurethane with a thickness of 5mm on one side. It has good strength and should not fall off to prevent the bowl and the stainless steel drum from touching directly;

The motor adopts SEW variable frequency motor, which can freely adjust the speed of the conveyor and facilitate the docking with the conveyor belt before and after the bowling machine;

The guardrail guide equipment on both sides of the conveyor is made of ABS non-shattered resin, and the built-in deep groove ball bearing can rotate freely to prevent the bowl body from colliding with the guardrail assembly.

(2) Measuring head of automatic pot filling machine

The automatic pot filling machine uses the spiral filling online weighing type for measurement. The spiral processing is a one-time turning process on the machine tool using solid stainless steel bars. The pitch error of the traditional welding spiral is large, the concentricity is not high, and the spiral is easily deformed during operation. Problems such as spiral scraping;

Tungsten carbide is sprayed on the parts of spirals, cups, bins, etc. that touch the material to prevent the material from touching the metal directly;

The discharge port of the material cup is equipped with a split spherical valve to prevent the material from falling out; the equipment dust removal equipment handles the dust generated during the filling process;

The screw is driven by Panasonic 1KW servo motor, which can more accurately control the speed and number of rotations of the screw, and effectively control the final measurement accuracy; the top of the bin is equipped with a German Pepperl+Fuchs leveler to accurately control the level of the material in the bin.

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