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The use mode and characteristics of bowl filling machine


This series of pot filling machines can complete weighing, measuring, filling and other tasks. Due to the design of filling while weighing, it is suitable for powder and small particle materials with high packaging accuracy requirements, or uneven density, good flow or poor flowability, such as protein powder, powdered medicine, powdered additives, starch, and solids. Beverages, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, veterinary drugs, glucose, carbon powder, talcum powder, dyes, flavors and fragrances, battery positive and negative materials, etc.

The saggar conveying system is mainly composed of an outlet transverse conveying device, a saggar decomposition device, a lifting and turning device, a saggar cleaning device, a saggar damage detection device, a saggar replenishing device, a feeding device, a sizing device, and an entrance transversal conveying device , Control integration system, etc.; the sagger conveying system is a supporting equipment for the kiln, which can greatly reduce the number of personnel to complete the heavy transportation work, while improving the efficiency of the work, optimizing the working environment, ensuring the safety of the operators and improving the comfort of the work. strength.

How to use the bowling machine

1; Manually placing the bowl-→ automatic filling-automatic leveling → automatic needle insertion-→ automatic stacking-→ manual bowl removal.

2: Automatically cycle into the bowl -→automatic filling -→automatic flattening→automatic needle insertion -→automatic stacking of bowls -→automatic arrangement and positioning -+manipulator automatically grabs and places the kiln opening -→positions into the bowl


Stainless steel structure, combined or open type transparent material box, easy to disassemble and wash without tools; servo motor and servo drive control screw weighing system with high response speed to ensure high precision

To achieve; working mode, quantitative type, quantitative type is designed into weighing feedback specific gravity tracking type, overcomes the characteristics of changes in packaging weight due to changes in the specific gravity of materials, and ensures high packaging accuracy; various product adjustment parameter formulas can be stored and prepared After use, store 10 recipes;

Instructions for use of automatic bagging machine

Main features of automatic bowl filling machine