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Introduction of applicable functional characteristics of powder packaging machine


  Powder packaging machineThe first is to develop and design for ultra-fine powder that is easy to dust and high-precision packaging requirements. According to the signal given by the component sensor installed under the container, the two-speed (three-speed) filling, metering and lifting operations are completed. It is suitable for packaging additives, Zeolite powder, graphite powder, caulking agent, carbon powder, dry fire extinguisher powder, other ultra-fine powder, and powder with high-precision packaging requirements.

No dust: This machine has passed a special workshop test without dust

High precision: Take 25KG as an example. The positive and negative error can be up to 10g. Material waste is greatly reduced

High rate: 3 bags per minute. Reduce enterprise labor costs

Function: The machine cooperates with the sewing machine unit to automatically complete the measurement, bag clamping, filling, sealing, sewing, transmission and other operations

2. Function and characteristics of powder packaging machine

A weighing sensor is installed under the packaging tray, which can be filled quickly and gradually according to the pre-set weight to achieve high packaging accuracy.

Servo motor drives the tray up and down, the lifting speed can be set arbitrarily, with a dust cover (can be customized), basically no dust to pollute the environment during filling.

Packaging process: manual bagging or canning→container raising→quick filling→container dropping together→component reaches the predicted value→complementary filling→component reaches the target value.

Servo motor and drive control the filling screw, stable function and high precision.

PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface appears, easy to operate.

All stainless steel structure, open-door silo, easy to clean.

The height of the pallet clamping device can be adjusted to easily complete a variety of standard packaging of bags and cans.

The clamping device uses electromagnetic clamping to better ensure the component accuracy of the packaging process.

The scope of application and operating efficiency of the powder packaging machine can effectively provide a strong guarantee for the development of the enterprise.

The scope of use of powder packaging machine

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