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The scope of use of powder packaging machine


The powder packaging machine is a new concept packaging equipment designed and manufactured for materials with superfine powder and large dust (such as: white carbon black, tartaric acid, calcium carbonate, strontium carbonate, flake graphite, battery positive and negative materials, activated carbon, etc.).

Suitable for packaging materials with a weighing range of 5KG-50KG.

The powder packaging machine has a common method of lifting and filling materials: firstly, the bag is put on the fully sealed entrainer, and the servo motor actively lifts the bag to a certain height (the height is set according to the size of the packaging bag), which is close to the bottom of the bag. The method of bag bottom can reduce the gap between the material and the bottom of the bag. The larger the gap, the higher the dust will be to solve the problem of dust flying in the filling process), and then the feeding servo control starts feeding, (in the process of feeding, straight filling (variable distance or Hole opening and other methods. The pressure device added above the screw and the screw causes the material to discharge part of the air after being compressed, reducing the air content of the material) While feeding the bag, descend (the stroke servo actively controls the distance between the feeding port and the material), the feeding process is first After coarse feeding, fine filling, take 25KG material as an example: first coarse material to 20KG, then the remaining 5KG is controlled by the PLC speed for fine filling. If you want to increase the speed, coarse feeding to 24KG and the remaining 1KG for fine filling to about 100 grams. Supplement, according to our company's experience, the above-mentioned accuracy can be controlled between 10g-20g.

The dust collection of the powder packaging machine is set above the entrainer, which rises and falls together with the bag entrainer, and is equipped with a positive pressure exhaust fan to allow the dust generated during filling to be collected in a pipeline and discharged. This unit has two exhaust devices and the other is located at the feed inlet. When the material enters the mixing storage barrel, the air is discharged through it. During the exhaust process, the powder passes through a high-precision filter to prevent dust from leaking.

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