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Equipment features of automatic bagging machine


The automatic bagging machine is a new type of packaging unit developed by our company for the packaging of ultra-fine powder materials in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other occupations. The packaging unit has functions such as automatic bag loading, automatic weighing, lifting filling, automatic air extraction, automatic bag delivery, and automatic sealing. The packaging unit has the characteristics of high degree of automation, convenient repair, stable and reliable, dust-free and environmentally friendly. Its degree of automation, and man-machine interface operability have reached the world's advanced level. It is highly targeted for ultra-fine powders that are prone to dust and high-precision powder packaging with large air content.

Equipment features of automatic bagging machine

1) Double-arm bag loading manipulator, bionic structure, original planning, patented technology, wide application range of the bag.

2) The action process of the automatic bagging machine is simpler than other models. It only takes 5 short-stroke movement processes to complete the bag loading once, so the operation is convenient, and the maintenance and protection workload is greatly reduced.

3) Bottom-filled unloading method and fully enclosed entraining equipment can effectively control the dust and reduce the waste of materials.

4) Sealing planning of fine pneumatic components (world-famous brands), not exposed equipment, suitable for use in dusty environment, so as to ensure the life of equipment components.

5) Translational bag supply structure, the hollow bag has no vertical process during the bag supply process, and the hardness of the empty bag is low.

6) The bag is positioned at the mouth of the bag instead of the bottom of other models, so the consistency of the pocket dimensions is not high, which can reduce the user's bag-making cost.

7) Optional vacuum equipment system can be used to pump materials with low density and large air content to ensure that the materials are tightly packed in the packaging bag and the bag shape is beautiful.

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