Explanation of the main frame of the potting machine


(1) Electrical components

METTLER TOLEDO MT1260 is selected as the weighing sensor of the bowl loading machine, and the graduation value is accurate to the unit g;

The cylinder adopts SMC cylinder with guide rod, which has good strength, resistance to distortion and stable operation;

The detection photoelectric uses the Alto Nix reflective photoelectric, equipped with a reflector, the detection effect is stable and avoids misjudgment;

The contact surface of the blocking bowl, stop bowl and clamping bowl assembly and the saggar is made of polytetrafluoroethylene plate, which prevents direct contact between the metal and the saggar;

Air source treatment selects SMC filter+pressure reducing valve+oil mist separator+ pressure detection switch combination kit, which can effectively filter the moisture and impurities in the compressed air, facilitate the adjustment of pressure, real-time Detect air source pressure and output low and high pressure alarm signals

(2) The main frame of the bowl loading machine

The main structure of the cabinet is welded with 80×80×3 stainless steel square pipes. The overall dimensions of the cabinet are length×width×height 1400×1300×2100, and the whole material of the cabinet is 304 stainless steel; Head, three-axis gantry sliding table and dust removal components; the middle layer is equipped with a roller conveyor, and the sagger passes through the middle layer, which effectively maintains the sagger and prevents foreign objects from falling;

The lower layer is an electric control cabinet and a pneumatic box. The electric cabinet and the potting machine are integrated design, eliminating the need for a series of problems such as the placement and installation of the independent electric control cabinet and the fixing of the wire duct; the control panel is installed in the upper left position of the cabinet, 10 inches Omron Touch screen, the height of the touch screen is 1550mm above the ground, which is convenient for manual adjustment and operation; there are eight plexiglass doors around the upper layer of the cabinet, which can maintain the effect of maintenance and facilitate the observation of equipment operation status.

(3) Online bowling

The bowl loading machine adopts three-axis gantry linear module sliding table, driven by Panasonic servo motor, built-in Taiwan silver ball screw + double-row linear guide, accurate positioning, high strength, and random stop;

The Z-axis controls the sagger to lift, so that the sagger is separated from the conveyor and connected to the discharge port of the material cup, reducing the feeding gap and reducing the dust during the filling process. It also handles the inability to adjust the begging interval of the traditional cylinder begging organization. The tray shakes and rises and falls. Problems such as poor speed control;

The X and Y axes control the plane movement of the sagger, and the spiral moves the sagger at a constant speed during the filling process, which can make the surface of the material in the finished sagger flat and solve the problem of uneven surface of the material in the traditional sagger. It also saves the follow-up vibrating flattening equipment or shaker, reducing the work station and equipment placement space.

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