Explanation of the characteristics of powder packaging machine


onPowder packaging machine, I believe that all partners have read various interpretations on working principles, product features, advantages and so on. But do these various contents really let us fully understand the super powder packaging machine? Next, let the editor take you to sort out what is going on with the powder packaging machine

What is a powder packaging machine?

The ultra-fine powder packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment. The machine is equipped with intelligent computer control, fast packaging speed, high precision, and small error. It is an automatic quantitative packaging machine designed for various fine powder or ultrafine powder materials with low bulk density, strong air affinity, and good or poor self-flowing properties. Therefore, it is deeply loved by industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy, minerals, light industry, agriculture, building materials, etc., which require packaging with strong fluidity, low bulk density (small bulk density) and high gas content.

Features of powder packaging machine:

1. According to production needs, set packaging weight, precise measurement value, packaging speed and bagging size can be adjusted freely.

2. New technology, spiral pre-compacting exhaust gas and variable-angle impeller pumping materials to solve the problem of material transportation with large air content. Smaller size packaging bags can be used, which not only reduces the cost of the packaging bag, but also makes the appearance of the packaging bag neat and beautiful, and improves the grade of the product.

3. High-precision control of the conveying speed by the frequency converter, no matter how much material is in the upper bin, it can be accurately packed.

4. Fast packaging speed, saving manpower and reducing cost. The improvement of the packaging capacity of enterprises during mass production plays an important role in reducing packaging costs.

5. It has abrasion resistance. When packing powders with high hardness such as minerals, maintenance is usually required due to the wear of parts. However, the impeller-propelled packaging machine uses parts with high wear resistance, which effectively reduces maintenance costs.

6. Air jetting technology solves the problem of poor powder fluidity that affects packaging.

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