Introduction to each process of automatic circulation line outside the furnace


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The automatic circulation line outside the kiln is automatically distributed to each sagger through the charging and metering equipment, and the saggers are automatically arranged and integrated with the kiln after the structure of shaking ~ pin ~ stacking the sagger is sent into the kiln. After the material is sintered, the sagger is transported to the furnace body exit platform and the automatic line exit horizontal delivery platform. The powder material is poured into the recycling container through the automatic pouring system that is transferred and transported to the revolving line. The empty sagger after pouring is automatically cleaned and returned to the automatic filling position at the front end of the automatic line. The poured sintered material can be crushed through the crushing system, and then transported to the secondary automatic batching system by vacuum. After the mixing is completed, it sequentially passes through the above-mentioned automatic circulation line system, and passes through the conveying system to the finished product packaging system. The automatic circulation line outside the kiln realizes intelligent linkage with the upper batching system, the lower crushing system and the packaging system

The following is a brief introduction to each process of the automatic circulation line outside the kiln:

Automatic bowl filling machine: including weighing module and screw precision feeding system for quantitative filling in the sagger

Shaking machine: arrange and level the materials in the sagger. Unloading machine: dump the materials in the sagger

Leveler: Level the material in the bowl

Sweeping machine: cleaning and recycling the remaining material in the sagger

Dicer: Shake the material and cut into pieces

Stacking bowl machine: double-layer saggar separation or single-layer saggar stacking

Conveying equipment: the circulation conveying of the outer track sagger, the conveyor is a roller conveying equipment driven by a spiral gear

Control part: control and monitor the above equipment

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