Use of gaskets for U-shaped screw conveyor accessories


  U-shaped screw conveyorIn the production process, it can transport various shapes of the product material. Its operating principle is to use the screw shaft in the spiral groove box to continuously rotate to push the product material, and then cause the gravity displacement of the product material to reach the purpose of conveying the material.

Most of the gaskets of the U-shaped screw conveyor are aluminum gaskets. Compared with other gaskets, aluminum gaskets can add the corrosion resistance and processing functions of the entire screw conveyor. The aluminum content of the aluminum gasket is not less than 99%. The double-clamp aluminum gasket has high rigidity and can operate stably for a long time at a temperature of 426°C. Red copper gaskets are also commonly used in screw conveyors. The copper of the red copper gaskets is not only close to pure copper, but also has a trace amount of silver, which makes the operating temperature of the screw conveyor not exceed 260 C°. Although the high temperature resistance is worse than that of aluminum gaskets, the Brinell hardness of copper gaskets can reach 80. The Brinell hardness of the aluminum gasket is 35, and the hardness of the copper gasket can better maintain the stable operation of various accessories of the screw conveyor.

U-shaped screw conveyor is more widely used in industrial production than before. This is because its mechanical functions have greatly improved in recent years, and its cost performance is higher. In recent years, in order to improve the compactness of the screw conveyor structure and improve the vibration resistance of the screw conveyor during the transportation of the product material, various gaskets are used to connect various parts and make the parts smooth. Degree addition.

In order to make the connection of the various parts of the screw conveyor smooth, we must use a large number of shims to adjust the small defects on the parts when making the conveyor, so that the screw conveyor has a stable workpiece and a compact structure. Hastelloy B-2 type gaskets contain 26-30% aluminum, 4-6% iron, and 62% nickel. The gaskets of this material are resistant to corrosion by high concentrations of hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride gas and moisture Corrosion, at the same time, it also has the function of corrosion resistance of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and reducing salt solution. Therefore, in a very harsh operating environment, we will use Hastelloy B-2 type gaskets to maintain the screw conveyor gaskets. Corrosion makes the life of the conveyor longer. In addition, Hastelloy B-2 gaskets function very well in high temperature environments, and their hardness can reach 230, which can make the operation of the screw conveyor more stable and durable.

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