Tubular conveyor has high temperature resistant product performance


High temperature has always been a necessary processing skill condition for a profession to carry out production and application. This makes it possible for many enterprises in our country to carry out operations such as transportation, packaging, and transportation of analytical materials, often using operating environmental conditions that face high temperatures. Today, I would like to introduce to us a kind of convenient equipment that can carry out high temperature transportation of research materials-tube conveyor.

Compared with the past, the common conveying equipment is a kind of high temperature resistant conveyor belt, which is generally used for belt conveyors. The belt uses heat-resistant materials to withstand the temperature within a certain range. But the cost is high, the conveyor belt is resistant, and there are restrictions on use. For example, in the transportation process, the heat-resistant conveyor belt has a certain speed limit. This restriction is to prevent the heat-resistant conveyor belt from rotating acceleration due to excessive tension, which would simply break at high temperatures. Often, the heat-resistant conveyor belt in the transportation power is greatly reduced, which seriously affects the efficiency of the enterprise. However, the multi-belt conveyor is used for long-distance transportation in a straight line, which is rarely used to control aircraft and cannot be used to enhance data. At the same time, it also causes a lot of inconvenience to enterprises.

  Tube conveyorDesigning a new type of heat-resistant equipment naturally brings more equipment options to the profession. As we often say, a high-temperature manufacturing company, such as metallurgy, construction and other occupations, they are all because of the needs of social production and processing technology. Students often use high-temperature materials such as ore, coke, and cement clinker to be transported due to temperature requirements. If it is higher, it will often cause damage to varying degrees of damage to the equipment management of the transportation system, and seriously affect the stability of the transportation equipment. Therefore, when transporting high-temperature materials, it is necessary to study the equipment information and make certain heat-resistant modifications in advance.

As a new tube heat transport equipment, the chain is made of a piece of all metal. When the disc is driven by a chain to rotate with a simple structure, it will promote data transportation when the disc is completed, and the high temperature function will not be adversely affected. Some forms of sealed transportation can also protect the environment and protect the effect. The floppy disk developed by our company reduces the weight of the chain, the disk is also heat-resistant, and the high temperature of 250 degrees will not affect the normal use of the optical disk, so as to greatly improve the transmission power far beyond other transportation equipment. The characteristics of the tube conveyor and the tube bundle tube can be universal turning. Manufacturers can choose flat, skewed, vertical selection and other combinations of transmission according to their actual needs. In the past, the changes were too limited. Shipping equipment.

In addition, because of the sealed ring tube transport structure of the tube chain conveyor, it can ensure that the materials can still be processed in the response process during the transport process, and its function is more superior, and it is yet to be developed and utilized.

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