Product advantages and composition of tube conveyor


Tubular conveyor (environmental protection, low energy consumption) material does not fly dust, clean working environment, high safety, pipeline is not messy, not affected by any terrain, viewpoint and height, material will not be blocked, and transportation ability is great.

Characteristics of pipe chain

The belt conveyor can be inclined, horizontally and gently and straightly, and the space constitutes a substantially fixed transmission line. During the operation, the long-distance tube conveyor transportation process ends. In several main conveying pipe chain conveyors, scraper conveyors, slab conveyors, bucket elevators, bucket conveyors, such as conveyor pipe chain conveyors with mobile and fixed methods.

Pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying system equipment for conveying powder, small granular and small pieces of bulk materials. In a closed pipeline, chain pieces can be used as a transmission structural component to drive enterprise materials to move along the pipeline. When the conveying is straight, the materials and particles in the pipe are pushed upward by the chain. Because the lower feed prevents the upper material from falling, a lateral pressure is generated, which enhances the internal friction of the company’s materials. When the internal friction between materials When the force is greater than the friction between other materials and the inner wall of the pipe and the weight of the material, the material will be transported upwards with the chain to form a continuous material flow. When the tube conveyor is continuously conveying horizontally, the material particles are easily affected by the thrust of the chain in the direction of movement research in my country. When the influence of the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between part of the material and the pipe wall, the material will move forward with the chain to form an economically stable material flow.

Pipe chain composition:

The head box, the tail box and the head box are equipped with automatic sprocket, the automatic sprocket is connected with the motor, the forced sprocket is installed in the tail box, and the chain is connected between the automatic sprocket and the forced sprocket, and the chain is installed in the head box In the pipeline between the tail box and the tail box, the feed port is set on the feed pipe, and the discharge port is set at the lower part of the head box or on the feed pipe..

Pipe chain application:

The conveying conveys powdery bulk materials successively in a closed pipeline, granular and small bumps are delivered like a small, horizontal, inclined and straight combination. It is suitable for mining industry, transportation materials, gravel yard, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, coal, etc. The pipe of the chain conveyor is less than 1.67/ton/m, and the bulk density of the material powder, granular, and small bag materials, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer and grain. Chemical industry: such as polyester engineering, coal chemical industry and other industries; food industry: where rice and starch powder are prone to occur.

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Tubular conveyor has high temperature resistant product performance